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Somewhere along the line this page was wiped out. Eeek. So here's the short version:

If you want to see my full tree,' meaning all descendants and collateral lines and possibly more media, I have public trees on both Rootsweb Worldconnect or Ancestry.com .

If you want to contact me, just take this domain name and add @gmail.com. (No "www" or "com" in the domain name, if you catch my drift.) I'd write it out but, spam harvesting bots still spider among us. I check my genealogy email about every month or so. As I write this, I'm preparing to move to Australia, so the "or so" is significant.

Please keep in mind that everything I know is either on this site or on the two sites above.

If you want to cite this website, just cite it like any other website: name of the article page (what's at the top of the screen) for that particular fact, URL, and the date accessed. (Bless you for citing your sources! Although, ideally you should be checking out my sources so you can cite those instead. But you knew that.)

If you are copying a photo, please cite where it came from when adding it to your own research. If the photo has a credit, please cite that photographer instead of this website. All uncredited photos on this website are either from my collection or were passed along without credit, although hopefully I've weeded out or attributed most of the latter.

Please read the notes.

Cheers, Shari