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Susan, our placid, black dwarf hamster (2008-2009)
Susan, our placid, black dwarf hamster (2008-2009)
(Of course pets belong on a family history website.)

What is this site? This is a genealogy wiki covering (mostly) topics relating to the ancestors of a couple named Shari and Mike. Mostly.

Use the menu on the right to navigate. Researchers may find it easier to consult our tree on Rootsweb or tree on Ancestry.

(After 18 years, this website is now more of an ancestor-only scrapbook for people who don't have Ancestry accounts, as well as a tiny soldier in the fight against the sourceless genealogies so often found when Googling.)

Mike and Shari have both done autosomal DNA testing and are both on GEDmatch. Oh, and Shari's parents and her grandmother have now tested, too. Genetic genealogy is revolutionizing how we pursue family history, that's for certain! Here are our various kit numbers:

Mike: F257428

Shari's father: A862784

Shari's mother: M343009

Shari's maternal grandmother: A616565

Shari's paternal grandmother's sister: A257419

Shari's paternal aunt: A724226

Shari's maternal uncle: A690611

Shari's other maternal uncle: A400614

Shari's paternal grandfather's paternal first cousin: F403815

If you're a family member who's just curious to see where we all came from, hooray! I hope you find the information interesting, and please give me a shout if you have any questions. (We're Facebook friends, right?) Oh, and remember, the research is far from done. (There's always room for more family historians, hint hint.)

And if you're just a stranger who somehow landed here, you're welcome here, too. Say, have you started your family history yet? (Never assume that some relative has "already done all that." Many researchers just work on branch or two. By the time you count up to your grandparents, that's four branches, and things quickly multiply from there.)

Genealogy is like a treasure hunt, a slot machine, a TARDIS, and an excellent, weathered map of the world marked "Here there be interesting stuff" - all rolled up into one.

-- Shari and Mike